Revenue Services was formed by two former officers of JER Revenue Services.  JER Revenue Services is the former tax lien servicing group of the J.E. Robert Companies ("JER").  In 2008, JER assigned its tax lien servicing business to Revenue Services, LLC.  In 2011, Revenue Services became a subsidiary of Wexford Capital LP, an SEC registered investment advisor with over $6 billion of assets under managment.  Wexford, which was formed in 1994, manages a series of investment funds.

Accomplishments include:

  • Collecting over $1.3 billion for the City of New York in connection with the city's tax lien securitization program and returning over 17,500 properties to the performing levy.
  • Collecting over $65 million for New Haven, Connecticut, increasing the collection rate from 92% to over 98% which resulted in two upgrades in the city's bond rating.  The program with the City of New Haven was cited as a "Best Practice" by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
  • Collecting over $100 million of real property taxes for the Puerto Rico Public Finance Corporation (a subsidiary of the Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico).
  • Collecting more than $10 million for the City of West Haven, Connecticut, preventing a downgrade in the city's bond rating.
  • To date, collecting over $40 million for the City of Springfield, Massachusetts.

In addition to the above, services have been provided to Marlborough, Weymouth, Everett, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Nassau County, New York;  Milwaukee County, Wisconsin; Sonoma County, California; and the New York State Municipal Bond Bank Agency.

Revenue Services is based in Hamden, Connecticut. NMLS ID number 1402542