What Happens If I Do Not Pay?

Revenue Services will attempt to contact delinquent taxpayers by mail and phone to collect the delinquency.  If the taxes are not redeemed in response to our collection efforts, the City may proceed to foreclose your right of redemption by filing a foreclosure petition in Land Court. Ultimately, a foreclosure judgment may be issued which terminates your right of redemption. After judgment, the property may be sold by the city.

Will Credit Bureaus Be Notified Of My Delinquent Taxes?

Neither Springfield nor Revenue Services plan to notify credit-reporting agencies of your delinquent taxes.  However, tax title accounts, Registry of Deed records and Land Court filings are public records and as such are available for review and reporting by credit-reporting agencies.

What Is The Interest Rate On My Tax Title Account?

The current interest rate is 16%.

What If I Filed For Bankruptcy Protection?

If you have filed bankruptcy, please notify Revenue Services immediately.  Revenue Services will comply with all applicable bankruptcy laws, including the “automatic stay” provision.

What If I Believe I Do Not Owe the Tax?

Revenue Services employs an ombudsman who is responsible for assisting taxpayers to resolve questions regarding their bills.  In order to resolve your issue or question as quickly as possible, please call us toll free at 866.604.7216 and have one or more of the following documents available, as evidence that the taxes have been paid, Copy of cancelled checks, Exemption Form, Deed of Sale or Receipt for cash payment .

What Are My Payment Options?

It is in your best interest to redeem the Tax Title account as soon as possible.  A representative of Revenue Services may be able to direct you to a reputable refinancing source or public assistance agency who may be able to assist you to pay your taxes. You may also be eligible for a repayment plan authorized by the City ordinance.

Where Do I Obtain Tax Title Information?

The City of Springfield website contains the years and the amounts. If the lien has been referred to a law firm for foreclosure the balance provided by the City of Springfield does not include legal fees and costs incurred by the City.  These fees and costs must be paid before the account will be considered paid in full and a release issued. To redeem a tax title property in foreclosure you must contact Revenue Services at (toll free) 866.604.7216.  We will obtain a payoff quote that includes legal fees and costs.

Click here for City of Springfield Website:  www.springfieldcityhall.com

Where Do I Send My Payment?

Payments should be made payable to: "City of Springfield."  Certified checks, money orders, or bank checks are acceptable.  MAIL OR MAKE PAYMENT IN PERSON TO:   City Treasurer's Office  36 Court Street  Springfield, Massachusetts   01103.

 How Do I Learn More?

For additional information, please contact:  

   Revenue Services, LLC
   2751 Dixwell Avenue, 4th Floor

   Hamden, CT  06518

   Tel:  203.288.4100 or 866.604.7216 (toll free)
   Fax:  203.230.2271